Sunday, 10 June 2012

#60 Catch up - Week 20

Hello lovers!

Well I didn't mean to stay away from this blog for so long...can't quite believe a month has almost passed since my last post. I have been super busy lately and had been looking forward to a relaxing week off work the past week but I ended up doing something exciting pretty much every day so I spent yesterday finally getting up to date with lots and lots of unread blog posts and I really wanted to get a post out before bed tonight! 

The week after my last post was quite a busy one, it kicked off with finishing work early on Monday 14 May, going to meet Sinead aka Dainty Dollymix and road tripping to Newcastle to catch Westlife on their Farewell Tour (SAD FACE). 


I also got CSI delivered in the morning to work and picked up these earring from Dorothy Perkins earlier, both are totally immense! I've since finished the CSI NY boxset and rekindled my love for Flack, whose sexy image currently resides on my laptop and work computer. Can't wait for series 8 to come out on DVD! I hate watching TV shows on TV, I like to be able to sit and watch a good few discs in one sitting! 


Hair and make up for the show, passing the Angel of the North - this made us nearly crash with excitement! 


Ticketssss, I took so many photos and videos that I ran out of storage and had to frantically delete other stuff on my phone, but I made a very big mistake! I stupidly assumed that my iPhone, you know, the phone that has caused me to only ever use my £100+ camera on my trip to NYC because I'm so impressed with the iPhone camera, would pick up amazing photos of Westlife. WRONGGGGGGG. They all came out pretty rubbish because of the lights etc. Beyond gutted!! 

When Westlife had their first ever tour I was so excited to see them, and I remember being at school that day and telling my friends I'd get them brilliant pictures, as we pulled up in the car park at Sheffield Arena I realised that I had left my camera at home - I was so upset. A few years later they performed at Leeds Party in the Park and me and my friend got right up to the front and all I could  think was, this is amazing, I have my camera, this will make up for forgetting it at Sheffield all those years ago!! As Westlife came on stage, amidst screaming and jumping up and down, I took a photo - and the camera ran out of film. IT RAN OUT OF FILM!! I was so sad I cried, right there and then. So then to find the iPhone pics turned out crap was just fantastic, obviously! At least the video sound quality is very good I suppose!

Tuesday I had the day off work as I had anticipated being very tired! I went down to the White Rose for a bit of shopping, got back and had a mooch about, made a massive vat of pasta for my lunches for the rest of the week, managed to somehow burn the side of my face after not washing my hands properly after cutting a chilli, rooted through some old things and found my Nannie's old handbag and an old book from my childhood! 



I also picked up a picnic sort of cutlery set thing, to keep in my handbag/use at work - is it wrong that I could not wait for breakfast to use this?! Went for lunch on Wednesday lunch to The Victoria in Leeds, it's behind the Town Hall and is a bit of an old mans pub but seriously, this burger was SO immense and about £6. Defo worth a look in for pub grub!


Finally two more meals, the first was just a case of using chicken, mozzarella cheese, kale and noodles up on Saturday night, but it tasted absolutely fantastic. The second, I went for a drink after work on Thursday night to the Town Hall Tavern around the corner from my work and the landlord came over halfway through our drink and explained a couple had ordered food and then had an argument and stormed out...but the food had already been did we want it?? Absolutely!!! Me and the Town Hall Tavern go a long way back, I used to drink in there every day, but I haven't eaten in there since it was taken over about a year and half ago, and to be quite honest I think it is a bit too expensive. The food we were given was steak and chips, and a cod omelette and chips. The omelette was one of the best omelettes I have ever tasted and I don't think it would be something I would normally pick but after having it I would totally pick it again! My mouth is watering remembering it! 

On Saturday I had a very eventful and fantastic day, I went to Haworth for their 1940's weekend, but I am going to do a separate post about that later this week. 

Hope I haven't missed much while I've been away and that everyone is OK! 



  1. Nice to have a busy week, sounds like you had an ace time! The 1940s weekend sounds great too, ace that we're both into similar stuff vintage-wise xx

  2. great post!