Tuesday, 12 June 2012

#61 - Mascarathon

I recently attended a Benefit event, where more was explained to us about something you may have heard about, seen mentioned on social networking sites, or may even be taking part in yourself. I didn't want to lump this subject in with the post I am doing about the Benefit event, and thought I would give it it's own post for me to talk a bit more about! 


Benefit have teamed together with Refuge, the national domestic violence charity, for a 500 mile relay race across the UK, aptly named the Mascarathon

On any given day, Refuge helps around 1,600 women and children escape from a violent relationship/household. Now, because of cutbacks, they are forced to turn away a number of women, and have to work harder than ever to protect their services. 

The statistics of domestic violence are incredibly high and shocking, and it is pretty likely that either you yourself or someone you know is being/has been abused. 

In doing this relay race, Benefit and Refuge are trying to raise awareness of domestic violence - something we are all aware of, everyone knows about, yet something people still manage to turn a blind eye to. 

I've taken these stats from the official Mascarathon website because I think once you see them written down it brings it all a bit closer to home - more real. 
  • One in four women experiences domestic violence at some point in her life. 
  • Two women are killed by a current or former parter every week in England and Wales. 
  • On average, a woman will be assaulted by her partner or ex partner 35 times before reporting it to the police.
  • In 90% of domestic violence incidents in family households, children are in the same or next room. 
  • Two thirds of the refuge residents are children under 14. 
  • Thirty women a day attempt suicide to escape domestic violence.
  • The police receive a domestic violence related call every 60 seconds

Every sixty seconds. Not to sound dramatic, but when I was reading these statistics, I had goosebumps. I knew it was a common thing, but I don't think I ever realised just how common. 

  • The UK's three largest women's charities, including Refuge, have a combined annual income of £17m. In contract, the Donkey Sanctuary received £20m in 2006. 

How absolutely crazy is that??! 

Mascarathon still needs people like us to sign up and run - two miles, in 30 minutes - to raise awareness of this. You can find out which route is nearest to you here

If you would like to donate money to Refuge, you can text BENE02 £2 to 70070 (or BENE02 £10...you get the gist!) or visit their Just Giving page here. I have just taken satisfaction in donating some money and seeing the counter tip over the £5,500 mark - but they could do with so much more!! 

The whole point of this like I said earlier is to raise awareness and every little helps. Even tweeting 


draws attention to this matter and if everyone who reads this post or hears about this fantastic event tweets this when they have a spare minute and could get this trending - well wouldn't that be amazing. 


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  1. Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I will definitely be donating to the charity. I might tweet/post about it too x