Saturday, 16 June 2012

#64 - Life according to my iPhone, Week 22

Hola lovelies

Another instalment of what I missed posting, week 22 this time! Week 22 ended on the weekend the Diamond Jubilee began, so I'm almost caught up! 

I started the week off very healthily! Seeing these pictures is making me feel guilty for not eating this way this and chips for tea tonight whilst watching the England match anyone? 

22 - Week 22 (1)

I can't remember if I mentioned it previously but I bought a skipping rope recently and thought it would be like the easiest thing was dead after about ten jumps! I kept picking it back up and trying to beat the number of jumps I could do in a row and on Monday night after eating the delicious salmon salad above I locked myself in the garage and timed myself with my phone for a minute at a time for five minutes...which sounds like nothing but for someone whose only form of exercising is walking... it killed me! I then went back inside and made up a salad for lunch the next day and some fruit. Isn't it easier to eat like this when the weather is warm! 

22 - Week 22 (2)

I passed a little shop in Morley which was sadly closed...I was gutted but i suppose it was for the best as I would have bought this window display out! I really wanted the God Save The Queen poster at the back! My parents arrived back from holiday on Wednesday and we surprised them with presents and a cake for my Dad, as it was their wedding anniversary on the Monday and his birthday on the Tuesday. And I had to take a snap of this when I was reading the Daily Mail..Kate Middleton with my blog title next to her ;-)

22 - Week 22 (3)

This is pretty much how my Friday looked! I was rushed off my feet trying to finish everything off at work as I had a week off and I hate coming back into unfinished work! So helping me through were numerous cans of Red Bull, water, the new Starbucks frap, the cookie one (I didn't like it! Caramel coffee all the way!). When I got home it was a mish mash of gorgeous food from Marks & Spencer for tea, including Jubilee buns! 

22 - Week 22 (4)

Saturday I was up bright and early praying for sunshine as I was going to Harrogate for the day for a friends birthday. I wore a maxi dress (for the first time ever!), Topshop/Pandora/Michael Kors and Ever Hip on my lips :) We started out in Leeds firstly, at a bar called The Hop, then onto the Sky Bar at the top of the ever changing hotel (currently Double Tree by's changed about ten times since it was built!) which has views all around Leeds. It would have been rude to not enjoy the view with a glass of champagne and strawberries...

22 - Week 22 (5)

These are just all the pics I took that day, mainly of the views from the Sky Bar . If you haven't been I would definitely recommend it! I think my favourite is the middle three, the view to the left, the centre, and the right of me! 

In Harrogate we only made it to two bars but were there for hours, and then just went for a couple more in Leeds on the way off the train. I made it home around midnight and spent my Sunday absolutely hanging, watching the Queens Flotilla, and crying because I felt sorry for myself and because the Queen looked so cute. :( 

Can't believe I am publishing this post at 00.12...I started writing it at about 7 pm!! 



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